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How to Choose PS4 Game Capture Card?

When playing online games, standard-definition game live broadcasts may already meet basic needs by transmitting the game screen on the computer through live streaming software. However, when it comes to live streaming PS4, X-BOX and other console games, standard-definition resolution may not meet expectations, so it is necessary to consider using a high-definition video capture card.


HD Video Capture Card Classification

HD video capture card cards are mainly divided into two categories: built-in and external. Both of these can capture the output video information of game consoles such as PS4 into the computer. Recommend a high-definition PS4 game live broadcast capture card.

External USB Capture Card

The external USB high-definition capture card is a hardware device with an HDMI input interface, which can support the HDMI video information output by PS4, X-BOX, etc. It transmits video information through the USB2.0/USB3.0 interface and is suitable for any computer with a USB interface. It supports 4K signal input, lossless capture of ultra-clear images, plug-and-play function, and automatic recognition of all computer systems.

PS4 ganme capture card-01.png

Built-in PCI-E HDMI Capture Card

PCI-E capture card can be inserted into the computer motherboard, equivalent to the graphics card of the computer host, and add an HDMI input interface to the host. Through computer software, game videos of PS4 game consoles can be captured and live streamed.


Built-in capture cards require installing the corresponding driver and are suitable for desktop computers.

External USB high-definition capture cards are more suitable for laptop game live streaming, with plug-and-play support and driver-free installation.

4K capture cards can process video signals as high as 4096*2160/60Hz, suitable for high-resolution games.

How to choose a suitable hd video capture card?

Application scenarios: Choose built-in or external based on usage scenarios to ensure compatibility.

Driver installation: Consider the user's familiarity with driver installation, and external capture cards are more convenient.

Resolution requirements: Select a capture card that meets actual needs, and a 4K capture card is suitable for high-resolution games.

Now, do you understand the necessity of a hd video capture card for live streaming console games? Choose a capture card that suits your needs and take your game live streaming to the next level!

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