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What Is SRT, And What Are the Characteristics of SRT?

What is SRT protocol?

SRT is an internet transport protocol initiated by the Haivision and Wowza SRT Alliance. It is an open-source, free, and flexible specification that performs as well as dedicated protocols, and it can work between products from different manufacturers.SRTis a popular open-source low-latency video transport protocol. By using reliable transmission technology, it successfully achieves high-definition video transmission and distribution in ordinary internet environments and across multiple locations.

Characteristics of the SRT protocol

Low latency

SRT is a network transport technology that can transmit data streams in real-time and accurately in complex network environments. It uses theUDPprotocol at the transport layer, which has the characteristics of fast speed and low overhead. It supports point-to-point transmission without the need for intermediate server relay, making it possible to achieve low-latency internet transmission from milliseconds to seconds.

Secure and reliable

Although the UDPprotocol is an unreliable transport protocol and is unstable in internet environments with jitter and packet loss, the powerful data recovery capability and forward error correction technology(FEC) of SRT can minimize the possibility of network packet loss and ensure transmission stability. Additionally, SRT supports AES encryption to ensure the security of data during transmission. Moreover, for companies or organizations that use firewall to protect private network security, the handshake process used by SRT supports outbound connections without the need to open dangerous permanent external ports in the firewall, thus maintaining the company's security policies.

ORIVISION series audio video extender support the SRT protocol. SRT allows direct connections between signal sources and targets, providing advantages such as security, stability, low latency, and low network overhead, making it a good choice for internet transmission. All products of ORIVISION Technology, including video encoder hardware, video decoders, and video gateways, support the SRT protocol and effectively solve the pain points of high latency and instability in internet transmission.

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