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Orivision All Video Encoders And Decoders Support Srt Protocols

SRT protocol

The SRT protocol video encoders and video decoders fully meets the needs of customers to transmit high-standard-definition streams through public IP, which can greatly save the bandwidth cost of private networks.

Achieving secure, stable, and fast transmission, which is an open source, free, and flexible application specification. Now ORIVISION’s all live streaming encoder support SRT protocal.

Orivision Video Decoder DH931 DH941 H 265 hardware decoder is a professional 4K H.265 (HEVC) hardware decoder that brings multiple video streams to HDMI/CVBS/VGA.


How to Set SRT Protocol

SRT Protocol Configuration

Applications of the SRT protocol

1. Point-to-point one-way transmission and video interaction

During the transmission of audio and video streams from the SRT source device (video encoder as shown below) to the SRT target device (video decoder as shown below), the SRT detects and adapts to the changing network state between the two devices in real time. Resist the bandwidth jitter caused by network congestion, and with its powerful error recovery mechanism, minimize the possibility of network packet loss. At the same time, the SRT can also perform AES encryption to ensure the information security of the data during transmission.

2. Point to multipoint transmission

By using the streaming media gateway, the video stream sent by one encoder can be distributed to multiple decoders, and the streaming media gateway is used as a central node. The video stream sent by the encoder is received first, and then copied and distributed to multiple decoders. Decoders for point-to-multipoint video transmission.

3. video streaming protocol conversion and distribution

With the media gateway device, it can realize the input and output of various video streaming protocols such as SRT, TS over UDP, RTMP PULL/PUSH, and copy, convert and distribute each video stream, which greatly increases the compatibility of the SRT system. Sexuality enables local TS over UDP and RTMP streams to be smoothly integrated into the SRT encoder system, improving the flexibility of video forwarding.

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