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The Best YouTube Live Stream Encoder


YouTube live stream encoders can give you a huge advantage on the platform, especially when it comes to producing high-quality content. But like anything, there's no shortage of options on the market.

New to YouTube? Check out our step-by-step guide on how to live stream on YouTube.


Why you need a YouTube Live Stream Encoder?

Why use video encoder hardware? After all, you don't need specialised hardware or software to stream live on YouTube.

It all depends on the quality of the content you want to distribute to the world. If you're fine with the default audio and video quality of a single-camera video, a standard smartphone, or a laptop, then you'll be fine with just your smartphone or computer.

But if you want to make your video look more professional, with options for polished live multi-camera streams and video overlays that impress and engage your viewers, you'll need to use an encoder.

Hardware encoding vs. software encoding

We highly recommend that you use a hardware encoder for YouTube live streaming, not a software encoder. It's much more advantageous to use a system designed for live streaming than to compete for resources with generic hardware full of parallel software and processes.


Why ORIVISION hardware encoders are the best choice for YouTube live streaming?


Simple Configuration

The ORIVISION interface is intuitively designed so that anyone can start streaming and recording immediately. This means that non-technical users can focus on live streaming content without having to constantly tweak settings.

Multiple Streaming Options

The ORIVISION unit is easy to set up as either a powerful portable video production system or as a contributing encoder for remote productions. A variety of inputs and outputs give you a wealth of options for connecting any audio and video device.


Want to stream to multiple YouTube channels at once? How about streaming to other destinations like Facebook at the same time?

ORIVISION device can do it all. This is a great option for joint projects, as each collaborator may want to mirror streams to their own viewers on their own channel.

Streaming Protocol Flexibility

The ORIVISION appliance supports SRT, RTMP and RTMPS as well as HLS, and YouTube Check out our blog for more information on streaming with SRT.


ORIVISION video encoders for every production

Whatever your live streaming goals, there is an ORIVISION device for you. All ORIVISION devices are rigorously tested for long-term reliability and feature components carefully selected specifically for live streaming.


Choose ORIVISION for YouTube Live Stream Encoding

Ready to take your YouTube live stream to the next level, ORIVISION hardware encoders make it easy to create broadcast-quality YouTube videos that make your brand stand out to viewers and potential users.

Check out our video encoder page for more product details.


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