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Video Conference Scheme

According to the number of participants, video conferencing can be divided into point to point meetings and multi point meetings. In everyday life, there is no demand for the security of the conversation, the quality of the meeting, and the size of the meeting. Video chat such as Tencent QQ can be used to make video chat. The business video conferencing of government agencies and enterprises and institutions requires a stable and secure network, reliable meeting quality, formal meeting environment and other conditions. Professional video conference equipment should be used to form a special video conference system. Because such video conferencing systems are all used for television display, they are also called videoconferencing and video conferencing.

Using video conferencing system, participants can hear the sound of other venues, see the images, movements and expressions of the participants in other venues, and send the content of the electronic demonstration, so that the participants have the feeling of being on the ground.

Video capture device, video capture card, has a huge impact on high definition. In order to obtain high resolution images and configure the 16:9 standard to support the minimum HD video standard 720p video capture device, the video conferencing with the camera is now gradually changing to the high-definition video capture card. High definition video capture cards can display high resolution content in high definition (such as meteorological pictures, design drawings, accounting charts, maps, medical photos, etc.), and can bring great convenience to special industries that rely on visual communication. With the development and progress of the society, people have put forward higher demands on the timeliness, accuracy and comprehensiveness of information exchange. High quality communication requires more rich, vivid and mobile communication mode of video communication. Therefore, the development of high-definition video conferencing will bring revolutionary impact on people's life and work.

Video Conference Scheme

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