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Are You Still Using Mobile Phones for Live Streaming? Come and See How to Simultaneously Live Stream on Multiple Platforms?

Live streaming with sales is already a trend. Are you still using mobile phones for live streaming sales?

Currently, some internet celebrities use mobile phones for live streaming sales. Mobile live streaming refers to using the 4G network or on-site WiFi to conduct live streaming. Although it is easy to operate and has low investment costs, the quality of mobile live streaming cannot be guaranteed. The sound and video clarity of mobile live streaming are insufficient, and it is prone to shaking, limited shooting angles, and limited shooting scenes. It is only suitable for small-scale live streaming with low requirements for video quality;

If you want to achieve ultra-high-definition video quality, allowing customers to see different angles, product functionalities, and product advantages from the video, simple mobile live streaming is far from enough.

Using a camera +high-definition video encoder professional live streaming equipment can ensure high-quality audio and video. The function of the video encoder is to compress the huge amount of video information and then transmit it through wired or wireless network communication. The compressed video information will be much smaller than the original, reducing the video transmission time. It can not only convert the landscape screen to portrait screen but also push the camera video to multiple live streaming platforms such as (Taobao Live, TikTok Live, YouTube, Facebook Live, etc.).

This not only highlights the professionalism of network live streaming but also saves costs. By combining 1 or 2 high-definition shooting devices with high-definition encoders, live streaming on different third-party platforms can be achieved at the same time. Why not!

How to live stream on multiple platforms at the same time?

First, register accounts on various platforms and activate live streaming permissions. Each platform's background will have a streaming address. For example: Live streaming address format is rtmp address/live code. The rtmp address must be followed by a "/" and then the live code, without any spaces in between.

In the video encoder web management console, add a stream service in the H.264 main stream service. Then, copy and paste the streaming addresses of each platform into the parameters, and enable the RTMP push service. Finally, save the settings.

Note: If the streaming fails, check the network of the encoder. Also, configure the network properly in advance to ensure that the encoders are in the same network segment.

ORIVISION is a professional video encoder manufacturer

We provide wired SDI IP streaming encoder, wireless SDI encoders, rack-mounted encoders, HDMI streaming encoder and other devices. Select a suitable encoder based on different application scenarios.

At the same time, ORIVISION's video encoder hardware also supports RTMP protocol, SRT protocol, making it easy to transmit videos to various production software;

It has strong bandwidth adaptability, allowing high-definition, low-latency, and smooth video quality transmission in low-bandwidth network environments;

It uses imported chips and H.264 video coding technology, combined with video dynamic noise reduction, image enhancement, and other technologies to achieve low-bitrate encoding while ensuring high-definition video quality;

In regular scenarios, 1080P@60hz can obtain excellent video quality;

It incorporates advanced video buffering technology, forward error correction technology, etc., to ensure low coding latency (≤67ms) and no buffering;

With powerful streaming media service functions, it supports various universal streaming media service protocols such as RTSP/RTMP, and even connects to NVR or security management platforms.

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