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Can ORIVISION 60m HDMI extender support high-definition video and audio?

The ORIVISION 60m HDMI extender is designed to transmit high-definition video and audio signals over a distance of up to 60 meters, leveraging advanced transmission technology to ensure minimal loss of quality. This extender can indeed support high-definition video and audio formats, making it a valuable tool for various applications, from home entertainment setups to professional AV installations.

ORIVISION 60m HDMI extender High-Definition Video Support

1080p Full HD:

The Orivision 60m HDMI extender is fully capable of transmitting 1080p Full HD video signals. This resolution offers a high level of detail, making it suitable for a wide range of viewing experiences, including movies, gaming, and professional presentations. The HDMI 60m KVM extender ensures that the video signal retains its clarity and sharpness over the extended distance, providing a seamless viewing experience.

4K Ultra HD:

More impressively, the Orivision 60m HDMI extender supports 4K Ultra HD resolutions. 4K resolution delivers four times the detail of 1080p, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This is particularly beneficial for applications that require the highest level of detail, such as digital signage, medical imaging, and high-end home theater systems. The extender’s ability to handle 4K signals ensures that users can enjoy ultra-high-definition content without compromising on quality, even at distances up to 60 meters.

ORIVISION 60m HDMI extender Audio Signal Transmission 

High-Quality Audio:

In addition to video, the Orivision 60m HDMI extender supports high-definition audio formats. It can transmit multi-channel audio, including formats such as Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, which are commonly used in home theater systems. This ensures that users can experience high-fidelity audio that complements the high-definition video, providing an immersive audiovisual experience.


One of the critical aspects of HDMI extenders is maintaining the synchronization between audio and video signals. The Orivision 60m HDMI extender is designed to handle both signals simultaneously, ensuring that there is no noticeable lag or delay. This synchronization is essential for maintaining the integrity of the viewing experience, particularly in applications like gaming or live broadcasts where timing is crucial.

ORIVISION 60m HDMI extender Technology and Features

Transmission Technology:

The Orivision 60m HDMI extender utilizes advanced transmission technologies to ensure high-quality signal transfer over long distances. It often employs Cat6 or Cat7 Ethernet cables, which are known for their ability to carry high-bandwidth signals with minimal interference and signal degradation. These cables are crucial in preserving the quality of the HDMI signal over extended distances.

Built-in Equalizers and Boosters:

Many KVM extenders, including the Orivision 60m model, come with built-in equalizers and signal boosters. These features help to amplify the signal and compensate for any potential loss that might occur over the 60-meter distance. This ensures that both video and audio signals arrive at the destination with their original quality intact.

Plug-and-Play Functionality:

Ease of installation is another significant advantage of the Orivision 60m HDMI extender. The plug-and-play functionality means that users can set up the extender quickly and easily, without the need for complex configurations. This makes it accessible for both professional installers and end-users who may not have advanced technical expertise.

ORIVISION 60m HDMI extender Reliability and Performance

Stable Connection:

The Orivision 60m HDMI extender is designed to provide a stable and reliable connection, crucial for applications where consistent performance is necessary. Whether used in a corporate environment for presentations or in a home theater setup, the video extender ensures that the signal remains robust and free from interruptions.


The build quality of the Orivision 60m HDMI extender is also noteworthy. It is typically constructed with durable materials that can withstand regular use and potential environmental factors, such as temperature fluctuations and physical impacts.

The Orivision 60m HDMI extender is a powerful solution for extending high-definition video and audio signals over significant distances. With its support for 1080p Full HD and 4K Ultra HD resolutions, high-quality audio formats, and advanced transmission technologies, it ensures that users can enjoy a high-fidelity audiovisual experience. Its reliability, ease of installation, and robust performance make it an excellent choice for both residential and commercial applications, affirming its capability to support high-definition video and audio effectively.

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