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IPTV System Live Broadcast Solution

IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, uses Internet technology to add an extra dimension to traditional broadcast television: choice.

IPTV is not bound by a predetermined schedule, allowing viewers to decide what they want to watch and when. "On-demand" television, with which most consumers are now familiar, is one aspect of what is possible using IPTV technology.

Behind the scenes, IPTV relies on software and hardware devices. From the equipment used to capture live streaming content to encoding equipment, communications equipment, set-top box decoding equipment, and more, any IPTV stream involves a staggering number of devices.

As a business, your IPTV equipment needs will ultimately depend on how you plan to use IPTV to distribute content. For example, a business with multiple offices and locations has different needs than a hotel that needs to distribute content to hundreds of rooms, suites and displays.

The key is to understand your needs and work with experts to determine the best encoders and decoders to help you achieve your goals.

IPTV System Live Broadcast Solution

Using the Internet TV system can save the hotel's TV costs, enrich the information of the hotel network computer, and make the hotel service information more abundant.

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