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Remote Program Production Transmission

Requirement: Opening events held in multiple locations can start at the same time. Using IP-based video transmission services, it connects distant cities through audio-visual technology to meet its real-time shooting, live broadcast, control, and recording needs for opening ceremonies in multiple cities.


1. Remotely transmit video from multiple locations;

2. Real-time video interaction;

3. Keep the video high quality, low latency, reliable and stable.

We can set multiple ORIVISION SRT encoders and decoders in the main venue. The ORIVISION decoder in the main venue receives the video from the breakout venue and sends it to the live production unit. The video signal received from the branch venue and the video signal from the main venue are then combined to create an interactive program signal. At the same time, the program signal will be delivered to the breakout venue and streamed on a large screen in the breakout venue.


Customers only need to use a set of SRT encoders and decoders at each branch venue to complete the entire process of transmitting and receiving video from the main venue, resulting in a low-cost and successful solution.

Remote Program Production Transmission

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