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IP Transport Via Public Internet

For traditional programming, live AV signals are carried over cables, whether in indoor or outdoor environments. In this case, the transmission of the signal is challenged by many factors. With the increasing use of IP-based remote production, the situation has improved, but new problems have arisen - how to ensure that the remote transmission does not lose packets? – The answer is the SRT transport protocol.

SRT is built on the TS over UDP protocol, which solves the problem of unreliability of the UDP protocol, while retaining the core idea and mechanism of UDP, with strong anti-packet loss capability, suitable for complex networks and low latency, eliminating central bottlenecks and costs.


In addition, SRT supports AES encryption, ensuring end-to-end video transmission security. This is a technique suitable for broadcast programming. With the increase of AV over IP applications, SRT will be applied in more application scenarios.

IP Transport Via Public Internet

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