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ORIVISION's HD Video Encoder ZY-EH901 Attains KC Certification

ORIVISION, a prominent player in the digital communication sector, proudly announces the successful acquisition of KC certification for its cutting-edge HD Video Encoder ZY-EH901 from the Korea Communications Commission (KCC). This achievement underscores the company's commitment to innovation and quality. Furthermore, this certification validates that the aforementioned equipment has been registered in accordance with Clause 3, Article 58-2 of the Radio Waves Act.

The HD Video Encoder ZY-EH901 stands as a significant innovation in the realm of digital communication, and the attainment of KC certification further solidifies ORIVISION's position as a leader in pioneering technological advancements. This certification not only attests to the product's exceptional technical performance and quality but also serves to expand its influence within the Korean market.

As per the official statement from the Korea Communications Commission, the HD Video Encoder ZY-EH901 h.265 streaming encoder has successfully undergone rigorous technical evaluation and testing, demonstrating its compliance with the relevant provisions of the Radio Waves Act. This certification also affirms the product's legitimacy and reliability within the wireless communication domain, instilling greater confidence and assurance among its users.

ORIVISION has been steadfast in its commitment to propel the growth of digital communication technology while providing customers with high-quality, high-performance solutions. The KC certification of the HD Video Encoder ZY-EH901 stands as a testament to the company's continuous innovation efforts and serves as another significant milestone in meeting the global demands of digital communication.

The company remains dedicated to upholding its spirit of innovation, continuously enhancing product quality and performance, and delivering superior products and services to its customers. ORIVISION will persistently seek breakthroughs in the realm of digital communication, aiming to create even greater value for its global clientele.


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