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New POE Function for ORIVISION's Video Encoders

Power over Ethernet (PoE), also known as PoE power, is a technology that can transmit power over twisted pair cables in an Ethernet circuit. Power can be obtained directly from the Ethernet cable (2 of the 4 pairs of twisted pairs are free for transmission) without the need for a separate power adapter.

In order to enable the majority of security system integrators to simplify the system wiring, video encoder fast and convenient access to the system, ORIVISION has gradually introduced the IEEE 802.3at standard, with POE power supply function of the video encoder.



1. The hardware video encoder is powered by DC power by default, POE power need to be noted before the order with us.

2. Support software remote upgrade.

ORIVISION will adhere to the consistent quality requirements, and continue to improve product hardware and software features, and strive to provide more convenient and reliable professional-grade equipment.

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