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Selection Criteria for Video Capture Card

Clarify the purpose of purchasing a video capture card

Video capture card comes in many models, produced by different manufacturers. Each model of video capture card usb 3.0 and video capture card for live streaming focuses on a specific function. Therefore, it is best to clarify the purpose of purchasing the card and pay attention to its practicality before buying.

Choose the standard of the video capture card

Video capture cards can be classified into two types: internal and external, depending on their structure. The external video card, also known as a video receiver box, is a relatively independent device that can work independently of the computer host. This means that you can receive video information using the video receiver box without opening the computer or running software. External video boxes provide AV and S-terminal inputs, multi-function remote control, and multi-channel video switching. The installation and operation of external video boxes is relatively simple, and they are more like using household appliances. Moreover, the clarity of the viewing with external products is often better than that of internal products. Internal video cards provide standard video reception functions and often provide different levels of video capture capabilities. They can convert dynamic/static video signals into data streams. Video cards with video capture capabilities can be used with analog video camera devices to form a visual communication system.

Choose the price of the video capture card

According to your usage requirements and budget, determine the appropriate price level. Generally, video capture card is always used in conjunction with computers and post-production equipment to form a system. In the same system, the quality indicators of various devices must be consistent with each other. If devices with inconsistent indicators are selected, the final result can only reach the lowest indicator. As a result, the funds spent on the high-index part of the equipment are wasted.

Choose the capturing effect of the video capture card

Choosing a video capture card with good capturing effects is definitely the user's pursuit. When choosing, users can choose ordinary video capture card or video card for simple video production according to their needs. When purchasing video cards, we should carefully check the video input/output interfaces. In addition to the ordinary RCA terminal, S-Video terminals should also be provided. In terms of capturing effects, products with dynamic capturing effects closer to the nominal 30 frames per second for good; the captured image should have minimal distortion in terms of color, brightness, and contrast.

Choose the resolution of the video capture card

The resolution of the video capture card is closely related to the connected computer. If we want to obtain high-quality video images through the video capture card, we should pay attention to the resolution of the video capture card when playing dynamic video. The higher the resolution, the better. If you want to achieve high-definition effects, it is recommended to use an HDMI capture card usb 3.0. Even low-quality TV cards cannot be lower than the standard resolution of 300 x 200, which can be achieved by any ordinary TV. VGA high-definition capture card can capture VGA signals of 1920 x 1440 x 60HZ line by line. Of course, to achieve the perfect demonstration effect of the video card, it is recommended that you adjust the computer's resolution to be consistent with the resolution of the purchased video capture card.

Video format of the video capture card

If we buy a video card mainly for video editing and processing, then we need to pay attention to the video format that the capture card can convert the captured image into. Some video capture card can only be saved as AVI video format and do not have image compression functions. For high-definition resolutions that can be saved in multiple image formats, with image compression functions, it is recommended to choose a video capture card.

Choose the function of the video capture card

The functions of video capture card are becoming more and more varied and perfect. Usually, ordinary video capture card has several functions, and we don't have to be demanding of high, new and complete when buying, as long as they are practical. If you are using a laptop to do some professional video processing, you can choose an external video capture card.

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