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Why Using a Capture Card in Video Conferencing System is the Best Option?

The role of video capture card in the conference system? First, we need to understand the principles and applications of video conferencing systems.

Video conferencing system is a communication method that uses television and telephone to hold meetings between users in two or more locations, transmitting sound and image in real-time. It can also transmit static images, files, faxes, and other signals. People who participate in a television conference can express their opinions through the television, while observing the other party's image, movements, expressions, etc. They can also show real-time television images of objects, drawings, documents, or display words and pictures written on a blackboard or whiteboard, making people who participate in the conference at different locations feel as if they are having a "face-to-face" conversation with each other, which can replace the effect of holding a meeting on-site.

The video capture card provides high-quality images

Due to the requirements of the video conferencing system, there is a higher pursuit of the image quality of the video conference, and more and more corporate users are also beginning to use video capture card for live streaming because the function of a video capture card is more diverse than that of a USB camera. Video capture card usb 3.0 can capture various resolution sources from high-definition 720P, 1080i to standard 480i/480P, and record them in real-time into the audio and video formats you need through supporting third-party software based on the Microsoft architecture. This achieves remote "zero-distance" communication.

The HDMI full digital high-definition image and sound transmission interface can capture each scene of the image without compression. Adopting color sampling specifications, its color resolution is twice as that of IEEE interface DV and HDV, which can better display the delicate and clear color levels and image quality, making every scene perfect and exquisite.

The video capture card has complete input interfaces

In addition to HDMI input, HDMI capture card USB 3.0 comes with audio and video transmission cables, which can support component, S-video, and AV terminals. The 1080i high-definition image can also be directly captured through the component input, which can be used for making advertising short films, movie editing, and family life videos.

Therefore, in the current video conferencing system, a high-definition video capture card is also a necessary device, which can perfectly present high-definition and high-quality video conference images to users.

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