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What Is HDMI Video Capture Card? Why Do Gaming Streamers Favor It?

With the rapid development of gaming esports and online live streaming, more and more gamers want to become game streamers to showcase their exceptional gaming skills. So, what equipment do you need to become a game streamer? In addition to the existing gaming equipment, a good HDMI high-definition video capture card is essential!

What is an HDMI video capture card?

An HDMI video capture card can capture HDMI audio and video signals output by mobile phones, PCs, gaming consoles, etc. and input them to a laptop. It can then be edited through live streaming software and streamed or recorded and backed up.

Why use a video capture card for game streaming?

Output higher definition video signals

An HDMI video capture card can capture and output ultra-high-definition video signals, improving the resolution of the live streaming video, providing viewers with a better viewing experience. It supports video live streaming and meets the mainstream resolutions on current popular live streaming websites. It is also compatible with major computer systems and can be used immediately without installing drivers.

Relieve CPU and graphics card burdens

Using an HDMI video capture card for game streaming can reduce CPU usage rates and graphics card burdens, meeting high standard and high-demand game streaming requirements. For example, in dual-computer live streaming mode, one computer is for gaming and the other is for live streaming, with both in sync and not interfering with each other, ensuring a smooth game frame rate and live streaming without buffering. It also improves the gaming experience for the streamer and reduces the audience's interference with the streamer through danmaku (comments).

Achieve laptop live streaming

Many laptops do not support HDMI input, which is essential for receiving HDMI video signals output by PCs and gaming consoles. An HDMI capture card USB 3.0 can help with this! Some HDMI video capture cards offer two options: USB-A and Type-C, to meet different laptop connection requirements. They are also lightweight and portable, making it easy for gamers to live stream their games anytime, anywhere.

Applications of HDMI video capture cards for game streaming

Game console live streaming

For game console live streaming, you need to transport video signals from the console to a streaming computer and then use live streaming software to stream it. In this process, HDMI video capture cards serve as an essential link.

Large-scale PC game streaming and recording

Streamers who use a single computer to stream and game face huge system resource consumption, causing game frame rate drops, buffering, delayed live streaming, crashes, and other negative reactions, especially if the computer's hardware configuration is not strong enough. For large-scale PC game streaming, we recommend using video capture cards for dual-computer live streaming.

Based on an HDMI video capture card, a dual-computer live streaming mode allows two computers to share workload, reducing the burden on graphics cards and processors. As a result, the game frame rate is smooth and the corresponding live streaming is also smooth. Also, game screen recording is synchronized through software, making it easier for follow-up editing, creative work, and promotion.

Mobile game streaming

With the popularity of mobile games, such as League of Legends and Honor of Kings, mobile game streaming is also a hot industry. Many mobile gamers use third-party platforms to wirelessly screen share their mobile games onto PCs for live streaming. Although many live streaming platforms have their own screen sharing functions, the effect is often unstable, with intermittent sound and even delayed effects, which greatly affects the audience's experience. In comparison, an HDMI wired video capture card captures the video signal of mobile games, and inputs it synchronously into a laptop, offering a more stable, high-definition, and smooth live streaming of mobile games.

With the rapid development of the live streaming industry, streamers are facing increasingly fierce competition. To maintain continuous growth in popularity, in addition to the attractiveness of the live streaming content and the streamer's personal skills, greater attention should be paid to the audience's experience. With a good video capture card, you can capture 1080P high-definition video with no delay, ensuring a stable and high-definition video live streaming that is more attractive to viewers!

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