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Principle, Scope of Use and Connection Method of Optical Fiber Extender

Principle of Optical Fiber Extender

The fiber optic extender uses optical fibers instead of traditional cables as the transmission medium; the sender converts the input signal into an optical signal, and the receiver is responsible for converting the optical signal into the original signal, so it is generally used in pairs. Compared with the traditional network cable extender, the optical fiber extender has longer transmission distance, stable signal, no distortion, anti-interference, etc.

Single-mode optical fiber extender: 10KM to 80KM

Multi-mode optical fiber extender: 0 to 300M

Types of Common Optical Fiber Extenders

HDMI optical fiber extender, HDMI KVM optical fiber extender, VGA optical fiber extender, VGA KVM optical fiber extender, DVI fiber converter, DVI optical fiber extender, DVI KVM optical fiber extender, SDI optical fiber extender, uni-directional audio optical fiber extender, bi-directional audio optical fiber extender, etc.

The Scope of Use of Optical Fiber Extenders

It is widely used in multimedia information release and large-screen splicing systems, news centers, traffic guidance and information display systems; outdoor large-screen display systems, sports venues, multimedia conference systems; military command exercises, aerospace, customs, airports, stations, ports Piers, prisons, museums, exhibition halls, etc.

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