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The Role and Characteristics of Video Encoder

Video encoder is a device that encodes and compresses a video source into a network stream and realizes video transmission or live broadcast through various transmission methods.

The video encoder is generally also called the sender of the video source, which is a device that integrates functions of collection, encoding, compression, and transmission. Most of them support a variety of network transmission protocols such as HTTP/UTP/RTSP/RTMP/RTMPS/SRT/RTP/GB28181/ONVIF. It is an important component of the digital network video and audio live broadcast system.

Video encoder and video decoder complement each other. The video codec converts the analog video stream into a digital video stream through compression and decompression, and then transmits it through the network.

Video encoder: Video compression equipment;

Video decoder: Video decompression equipment.

The Role of Video Encoder

Before the original video source information is not compressed, the amount of data is very large, especially for high-definition video sources. The higher the high-definition device, the more details are displayed, and the larger the amount of data, and the video needs to be on the network. For transmission, it is necessary to compress the original huge amount of data to reduce redundant information through coding, so as to realize network transmission.

Video encoder is a professional video data encoding device with H.264 or H.265 encoding algorithm as the core.

It can encode the video content input by related devices such as high-definition cameras into the amount of data that the network can carry in a short period of time, and push it to the remote video server, thereby realizing the rapid spread of network video.

Difference Between Soft Coding And Hard Coding

High-definition video encoder has soft encoding and hard encoding. Soft encoding refers to professional computer software that can complete video encoding functions. For example, OBS also uses H.264 encoding algorithm. If you use software encoder, you need to use high-definition capture. The card can first transmit the video information which is collected and processed to the computer before live broadcast. Hard coding refers to a hardware device with a professional video encoding chip, which can be connected to a video source device and a network cable, and can directly push the encoded content to the Internet without relying on a computer.

Main Purpose of Video Encoder

Video encoders can be widely used in various radio and television cable systems, IPTV live TV systems and network live broadcasts, satellite digital TV systems, distance teaching, fortune-telling medical care, electronic theaters, electronic news gathering systems, personal communications, multimedia mail, network databases, home TV theater, remote control monitoring and TV-on-demand systems and other fields.

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