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Wireless Video Extender

What is HDMI Wireless Video Extender?

The HDMI wireless video extender can wirelessly transmit full HD audio and video from any device source to the remote TV, without any cable connection between the device source and the remote TV, so you can freely watch full HD TV anywhere. The installation is simple, plug and play, and there is no need to install software, no need for any settings, so the installation can be completed quickly!

The signal can pass through a single non-high-density wall or ceiling, with zero interference in image and sound, clear and smooth. The wireless network extender ensures smooth signal flow from any AV device with HDMI output to the remote TV.

Features of HDMI Wireless Video Extender

1. High-definition picture quality, no wiring required

The HDMI wireless video extender can wirelessly transmit the content of any AV equipment to the remote TV in full HD quality at 1080p@60Hz, allowing you to watch full HD TV without restriction anywhere in the home.

2. Control set-top boxes (STB), DVD/Blu-ray players and other equipment

Wirelessly stream content from an STB, DVD/Blu-ray player, projector, game console or any other device with HDMI output to a remote TV and control them on the receiving end with a standard remote.

3. Safe audio and video transmission, no interference, no delay

Whether presenting a business plan on a projector or watching a home video, the HDMI wireless video extender enables secure and protected data transfer with 128/256-bit AES encryption. The transmitted signal can be adaptively transmitted in the 5.8/2.4GHz frequency band to achieve safe and smooth wireless transmission of video streams without interference.

4. The installation is simple, no settings and software are required

The Orivision HDMI wireless video extender is designed as a plug-and-play smart wireless transmission device. Connect the HDMI video extender with the sender of audio and video source devices (such as set-top boxes), and connect the HDMI receiver with the receiving TV or projector. Within a few minutes, the installation can be completed, and it can be used without obstacles when powered on.

Orivision New Audio Video Extenders

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