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Live Streaming Of Games, Entertainment, Finance, Conferences And Related Fields

Due to the COVID-19, many offline social activities cannot be held, so live stream broadcasts are becoming popular around the world, especially on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other platforms.


If you want to do a professional live broadcast with crisp images, ultra-low latency or smooth playback, you should prepare a camera and an encoder so that we can send the video to all streaming platforms. As for how to choose a good live encoder or which brand to choose, there are many factors to consider, such as the input interface of the camera, the resolution used, the encoding and protocol used, the suitable platform, your network conditions, etc. ORIVISION offers a full range of live encoders.

live streaming

1. Single-Camera Shooting 

For single-camera programs, just connect the ORIVISION encoder to the camera (or HDMI/SDI/VGA/CVBS and other signals from a computer, etc.) and the network, and you can broadcast live on different live broadcast platforms.

Streaming Encoder

2.  Multi-Camera Shooting 

For multi-camera programming, such as sporting events, ORIVISION can provide HD encoders (video transmitters) and HD decoders (video receivers) that transmit video from each camera to the console (hardware console or software console) in real time ).


After the post-production is completed, the live broadcast of the video can be displayed and shared on the whole network live broadcast platform through its built-in streaming function. If the console device does not have the function of streaming, the console only needs to connect the ORIVISION encoder to realize the live broadcast of different live broadcast platforms.

Live Streaming Encoder

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