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ORIVISION Showcasing at InfoComm China 2023-Part 1

CHN: ORIVISION, a professional provider of IP audio&video transmission solutions, has revealed the new products it will be showcasing at this year's InfoComm China 2023, which takes place 21-23 July at the beijing CNCC. The company is expanding its growing ecosystem of powerful IP-based video transmission solutions with a portfolio of new technologies designed to meet the requirement for IP-capable products throughout the industry.


EH901 is a professional hardware audio and video encoder. Which designed to meet the HD/1080P@60 Video transmission applications. It supports H.265 (HEVC)/H.264 high-performance encoding. Also, EH901 h.265 streaming encoder supports the most protocols including HTTP/SRT/RTMP/RTMPS/HLS/UDP/RTSP/Onvif, etc.

Highlights include:

• Support H.265/H.264 /MJPEG encoding

• Support 1XHDMI Input and loop-out

• Support Digital audio/Analog audio loop out


• Support output video stream format: TS/VES/AES stream, etc.

• LCD display device name, IP address, resolution and working status

• Support up to 1080P@60 resolution input and output

• Support 4 channels streams output at the same time

• Support audio encoding without the video input

• Support MP3/AAC/G.711 Advanced Audio Coding format quality

• Support HDCP 1.4

• 1000M network interface uses full duplex mode, LAN and WAN transmission

• Support POE power supply(optional)

• Support SDK, secondary developmentl

• Support network remote management and upgrade

• Support to be packed with 1U and 3U Rack(1~16channels video input)

• Applied in Live broadcast, IPTV system, elevator advertising player, online courses,

broadcast meeting

• 7*24h Working



DH931 video decoder is a professional 4K H.265 (HEVC) hardware decoder that brings multiple video streams to HDMI/CVBS/VGA. Without relying on a computer, DH931 h 265 hardware decoder decodes any IP streams including HTTP/SRT/RTSP/RTMP/UDP/RTP/UTP, etc, and outputs the video to the display wall in up to 9 grids or free layout, and dynamic switching is supported.

Main features include:

• Support H.265 and H.264 decoding

• Support 1XHDMI,1X VGA,1XCVBS and 1X audio output

• Support embedded RTMP server, maximum support 1Gbps concurrency


• Support 9channels RTSP/HTTP/UDP/HTTPS/SRT/RTMP forward to RTMP/RTMPS/UDP/RTP

• LCD display device name, IP address, resolution and working status

• Support up to 4K (3840×2160@60hz/30hz) resolution output

• Support to set the cache

• Support 1ch, 4ch, 9ch decoding simultaneously

• Support boot screen customization

• MJPEG/JPEG Baseline video decoder

• MPEG1 Audio Layer 2

• 1000M network interface uses full duplex mode

• Support POE power supply(optional)

• Support SDK, secondary development


DH941 is a dual Ethernet IP-to-IP transcoder and a video decoder. As a transcoder, it has two network ports and it receives IP streaming from video encoders, IP cameras, and other devices through network port 1, then forwards them to network 2. It supports up to 9 channels of

protocols: RTSP/HTTP/UDP/HTTPS/SRT/RTMP to RTMP/RTMPS/DUP/RTP. Realize multicast forwarding in different network segments, and transfer from LAN to WLAN.

It also is a video decoder that supports decoding up to 4KP30 H.264/H.265 IP streams and decodes the streams to output HDMI/VGA. It supports decoding up to 9 channels of videos simultaneously. Note: 9 channels with 720P60, 4 channels with 1080P60, or 1 channel of 4KP30.

Highlights include:

• Dual Ethernet Interfaces, IP to IP stream forward

• Support for inserting audio into the forwarding stream

• Support POE (optional)

• Embedded RTMP server, support for maximum 1Gbps concurrency.

•Supports up to 9 protocols to forwarding RTSP/HTTP/UDP/HTTPS/SRT/RTMP to RTMP/RTMPS/DUP/RTP

• Support local preview output, up to 9-way 720p

• Support up to 4K (3840×2160@30hz) resolution output

• H.265 /H.264

• 1000M network interface uses full duplex mode

• WEB interface, English and Chinese is optional for configuration interface

• WEB interface management authority

• Support remote management in WAN(WEB)

• Support one key to restore the factory configuration

• Low-Power design

We are hugely excited to be exhibiting at what is the first Infocomm for three years. Since the show was last held the progress made in the transition to IP production and workflows throughout the industry has been immense. We are proud to be playing a role in that movement with new products that enable the swift and secure establishment of IP ecosystems at all levels of the media and entertainment industry.

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