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ORIVISION Mini H.265 1080P@30 HDMI Video Encoder With Loopout


Model: ZY-EH1201

Input Interface: HDMI*1, Audio*1

Output Interface: RJ45*1, HDMI*1

Video Encoding: H.265/H.264/MJPEG

Protocol: HTTP, UTP, RTSP, RTMP, RTMPS, SRT, RTP, ONVIF protocol

Power: DC 12V/1A (Support KC/US/EU/UK/CE Power Standard )

Warranty: 1 Year

Certificate: CE & FCC & Rohs

Ultra Mini H.265 HD Video Encoder For IPTV, Live Stream, Broadcast
Ultra Mini H.265 HD Video Encoder For IPTV, Live Stream, Broadcast
  • Ultra mini and ultra lightweight;

  • Support H.265/H.264 /MJPEG encoding;

  • Multi streaming protocols: HTTP, RTSP, RTMP, RTMPS, SRT, FLS, FLV, ONVIF, RTP, UDP;

  • Max resolution up to 1080P30hz;

  • Support 2 channels streams output at the same time;

Portable HDMI Encoder for Live Streaming

EH1201 is ORIVISION ultra mini HDMI video encoder with H.265/H.264/MJPEG compression, to achieve remote video transmission or live across internet WAN or over local network LAN. They support the most common protocols including SRT, RTMP, RTMPS, RTP, HLS, UDP, RTSP, Onvif, and are widely applied to professional Live broadcast, IPTV system, elevator advertising player, online courses, broadcast meeting.

Portable HDMI Encoder for Live Streaming
Portable HDMI Encoder

Ultra-mini size(125x72x25mm) and ultra-lightweight(200g); the live streaming encoder is perfect for the live streaming applications with frequent move or tiny device installation space. 

Portable HDMI Encoder
2 channels streams output at the same time

You can set 2 channles streams output  in the built-in web console. Each stream can be used to up to different platforms with the same or different protocols, compatible with YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and more.

2 channels streams output at the same time
Multiple Network Protocols

Supports full range of protocols including RTSP/RTMP/RTMPS/SRT/

HLS/TS-UDP/Onvif, that means live stream with RTMP/RTMPS, while remote production with SRT.

Multiple Network Protocols
Real HD 1080P30 Video Supported

It supports real HD video input with resolution up to 1920*1080P@30FPS to ensure that the image quality is perfect.

Real HD 1080P30 Video Supported
Audio Synchronization Encoding

Support MP3/AAC/G.711 Advanced Audio Coding format quality;

Audio Encoder type: AACLC, EAAC, EAACPLUS, MP2, AC3

Support audio encoding without the video input

Audio Synchronization Encoding
LOGO/ Image/ Text / Mosaic Overlay

Add any self-defined text, time and image overlay at any position to announce your copyrights. Support adjusts font size, scrolling subtitles and add mosaic watermark

LOGO/ Image/ Text / Mosaic Overlay
Image Rotation and Mirror Flip

It can easily realize the functions of rotating and cropping for vertical/horizontal video which makes it social media friendly.

Image Rotation and Mirror Flip
Web Control

Support Chinese and English interface, pictures, fonts, passwords and other settings and system online upgrades.

Web Control
Obtain IP automatically

Support DHCP and obtain IP automatically

Obtain IP automatically
Local and Remote Transmission

It converts HDMI base-band video to H.265/H.264/MJPEG IP streams, to achieve remote video transmission or live across internet WAN or over local network LAN. 

Local and Remote Transmission
Support OEM/ODM

OEM: Free print company logo by laser print; MOQ≥1 unit

ODM: Pls send your requirements to us. (

Support OEM/ODM

Parameters of Mini H265 1080P30 HDMI Video Encoder With Loopout

Product NameMini H.265 1080P30 HDMI Video Encoder
Input InterfaceHDMI 1.4*1, Audio*1
Support resolution1920*1080,1280*720,1280*800,1280*768,1024*768,1024*576, 960*540,850*480,800*600,720*576,720*540,720*480,
Frame rate≤ 30hz
HDCPSupport HDCP 1.4
Output InterfaceHDMI1.4 loop-out *1; LAN port *1
Video EncodingH.265&H.264/MJPEG
Max Bitrate16kbps- 20Mbps
Rate ControlCBR/VBR
Simultaneous StreamsMax 2 channels Streams at the same time
Audio Input TerminalHDMI-IN/Stereo Line-in
Audio EncodingACC, MP3, G711
Audio Encoder typeAACLC, EAAC, EAACPLUS, MP2, AC3
Bit-rate Option48K,64K,96K,128K,160K,192K,256K
Sampling Accuracy24 Bit
Audio Data-Rate64Kb/s to 384Kb/s
RJ45100M Ethernet port
Protocol SupportHTTP, RTSP, RTMP/RTMPS, SRT, GB28181, HLS, FLV, ONVIF, Multicast: UDP/RTP
OSD SettingTxt/Picture
Control PanelWeb panel (Language is English), remote upgrade
Firmware UpdateEnable by uploading files to the dashboard
Power12V/DC 1A
Temperature0 ~ 45℃(for working),-20~60℃(for storing)
Humidity<90%, non-condensing
Net Weight0.2kg

Diagram of Mini H265 1080P30 HDMI Video Encoder With Loopout

Apply to TV programming, lecture capture, online courses, remote learning, course recording, broadcast meetings, Web training, remote pathology, telemedicine, conferences, concerts, sports, etc.

Diagram of Mini H265 1080P60 HDMI Video Encoder With Loopout

FAQ about Mini H.265 1080P@30 HDMI Video Encoder With Loopout

What is the default login IP of the encoder?

The default login IP address is

The device cannot be turned on when connected to the power supply and the power light does not turn on

Check whether the power adapter is connected, please use the power adapter originally provided by the manufacturer. Replace or troubleshoot the power adapter. If the POWER indicator still does not light up after the device is powered on, please contact us ( for repair or replacement.

What is the login account and password of the encoder?

The default login account and password are both admin.

After entering the account password, the page cannot be displayed or the display is incomplete

How to reset the encoder if you forgot the login IP or login account password?

The RST reset button on the device panel, press for about 5~10 seconds, the device will restart to restore the factory default settings. The OLD display screen allows you to see if the encoder has been reset successfully

How to get the newest firmware and update it?

Pls contact for the latest firmware information. By the way, please let us know in your email the version number of your existing software and why you need to update the firmware.

After get the newest firmware, pls follow the steps as below:

Step 1: Download the .rar file, do not unzip the file

Step 2: Log in to your Encoder or decoder web user interface and click the System button.

Step 3: Upload the .rar file and then click the Upgrade button. (Note: During the upgrade process, don't refresh or close the webpage, and don't power off. If you are prompted that the upgrade failed, pls don't reset it, just reboot it.)

Step 4: When the system prompts that the upgrade is successful, Pls reboot your encoder to finish installing updates. 

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