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Recording/Live Streaming Solution

With the continuous emphasis on education, how to better display the teaching content, so that students can see more clearly, the color is more vivid and true, has always been the top priority of teaching hardware upgrade.


It is a common requirement of various colleges and universities to build a network TV application platform on campus, and provide video coding and live broadcast services mainly based on streaming media for teachers and students.


1) Realize the live broadcast of audio and video through the campus network, and the video is scheduled, produced and stored.

2) Realize online interactive teaching and on-demand teaching courseware on the campus network.

3) Broadcast leadership speeches, publicity reports of campus news, live broadcasts of various cultural and sports activities and knowledge contests.

4) Realize teaching live broadcast, online classroom and teaching video exhibition and so on.

When the camera (microphone) pushes the teaching content to the live broadcast platform through the live video encoder, students can open the classroom live broadcast address on the computer and watch the classroom teaching online.

live stream solution

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