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The Impact of 4K High-Definition Video Encoders on the Development of the Security Industry

The application of ultra-high-definition 4K video encoder has already been applied to the security industry

Similar to H.264/AVC in the past, H.265/HEVC encoders will also gradually apply to the security industry, but this requires the maturity of various supporting links.

Referring to the popularity process of H.264/AVC at that time, when H.264/AVC was officially promulgated as an international standard in 2003, many people used various DSP to implement codecs in the next 2 to 5 years.

The development of high-definition 4K video encoder technology

Currently, the H.264/AVC codecs in IPC, DVR, and NVR are implemented using accelerators and ASICs, and there is no implementation mode of software optimization.

Looking at the situation of H.265/HEVC now, given its complexity and high resolution of the main object of video encoding and decoding, it is impossible to realize software optimization on a general multi-core DSP platform. Only ASIC or accelerator solutions can be implemented by chip manufacturers. However, the chip design cycle is usually very long, especially after several generations of chips stabilize. With the standard of H.265/HEVC promulgated for some time, it is still too early for chip manufacturers to launch a mature solution.

At the same time, in the upstream and downstream links of ultra-high-definition acquisition imaging and display, they have not yet been fully applied in large quantities. It is believed that in the next few years, after H.265/HEVC codec chips are introduced, they and ultra-high-definition 4k stream encoder will become a mutually promoting process, moving towards popularity together. However, in standard definition and some full high definition applications, H.264/AVC codec solutions will still be used.

After the H.265/HEVC encoder is productized, 4K encoders will have an impact on the architecture of various industries in the security industry. It is not just a simple replacement of video encoder hardware from H.264/AVC to H.265/HEVC, and it has a significant impact on front-end imaging acquisition, platform architecture, storage, and backend display.

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