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Difference between live broadcast with mobile and camera


Webcasting is an emerging way of socializing on the Internet. It is popular for its convenience, interactivity and real-time nature. Public participation is extremely high. From the perspective of technical principles, the implementation of online live broadcast mainly includes video collection, video collection, video encoding, and video streaming transmission. (that is, while collecting video, use video coding technology to encode and compress the video source, and convert it into an IP stream), and then transmit it to the Internet live broadcast platform through the network, and the audience can watch it in real time on the network or WeChat. Online live broadcasting has completely broken the limitations of live TV broadcasting, and truly realized the lifestyle that everyone can live broadcast live anytime, anywhere.


Live Broadcast with Mobile

The mobile live broadcast operation is very simple, just download the live broadcast platform and register. The mobile phone has its own shooting function. The downloaded live broadcast platform can capture the captured video in real time, compress and format the video, and then push it to the live broadcast platform using the mobile phone's 4G network. Although the operation is simple and the input cost is low, the quality of mobile live broadcast cannot be guaranteed. For example, the live sound and image quality of mobile phones lack clarity, are prone to shaking, have limited shooting angles, and limited shooting scenes, etc. are only suitable for low-quality images.


Live Broadcast with Camera

The camera is a professional live broadcast, ensuring the high-pitched video quality in the camera, and can realize high-definition live broadcast and large-scene live broadcast. The required equipment is a camera + video encoder hardware. The required network can use wired or wireless wifi according to the needs of the on-site network situation. Live broadcast settings are also relatively simple. Connect one end of the video encoder to the camera and the other end to the network, and configure the live broadcast address of the video encoder. Professional webcasting can be started.


Compared with mobile phone live broadcasts, professional camera live broadcasts have clearer and smoother picture quality, smaller jitter, more stable shooting, and more application scenarios. Of course, they cost more (requiring a camera and video encoder), but they can bring more to live broadcasts. In addition to providing some live broadcast services for individuals and enterprises, the camera team also provides online live broadcast services for government public meetings, mass hearings, court hearings, civil service examination training, industry annual meetings, live broadcasts and other applications.


ORIVISION is a professional video transmission and management total solution provider. Based on advanced technology and innovation ability, we can provide total solution of end-to-end video encoding, decoding, converting, IP broadcast switcher, streaming media services etc.


ORIVISION audio and video transmission products have obtained ISO/CE/FCC/Rohs/HDMI/KC certification, and are widely used in TV production, live broadcast, education, live surgery, audio and video engineering, public security monitoring, command and dispatch, corporate marketing and other industries.

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