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New Release! H.265 H.264 Dual Ethernet IP to IP Video Transcoder Video Decoder

During InfoComm China 2023, ORIVISION announced the global launch of a new high-tech product-DH941. 

DH941 is a dual Ethernet IP-to-IP transcoder and a video decoder. As an audio video decoder, it has two network ports and it receives IP streaming from video encoders, IP cameras, and other devices through network port 1, then forwards them to network 2. It supports up to 9 channels of protocols: RTSP/HTTP/UDP/HTTPS/SRT/RTMP to RTMP/RTMPS/UDP/RTP. Realize multicast forwarding in different network segments, and transfer from LAN to WLAN.

It also is an IP video decoder that supports decoding up to 4KP30 H.264/H.265 IP streams and decodes the streams to output HDMI/VGA. It supports decoding up to 9 channels of videos simultaneously. Note: 9 channels with 720P60, 4 channels with 1080P60, or 1 channel of 4KP30 4k video decoder.

It can be used as a small streaming media server and it can be widely used in various high-definition video systems like multimedia publishing, digital signage, signal publishing, and urban slow live broadcast.

Dual Ethernet Interfaces, IP to IP stream forward

As the Transcoder features two independent Network interfaces it acts as an effective Video stream air gap between two networks.

Support Protocol Converter

DH941 Supports up to 9 protocols to forwarding RTSP/HTTP/UDP/HTTPS/SRT/RTMP to RTMP/RTMPS/UDP/RTP

Embedded RTMP server, support for maximum 1Gbps concurrency

With RMTP server, the encoder can directly transmit the video to ORIVISION decoder using RTMP protocol for decoding without a RTMP platform, to make it easy and convenient with IP video decoder.

It’s Also a Decoder

Orivision DH931 H.265 hardware decoder-H.265 4K@30 IP To HDMI/CVBS/VGA Decoder supports decoding up to 4K H.264/ H.265 IP streams and decode the streams to output VGA and 4k HDMI.

Orivision ZY-DS931 SDI decoder - H.265 1080P@60 IP To SDI Video Decoder With Loop Out

Orivision ZY-DH941 IP media gateway - H.265 Dual Ethernet IP To IP Video Decoder And Video Media Gateway

Orivision ZY-DH931 multi channel decoder -1U H.265 1-4 Channels HDMI/SDI/VGA/CVBS Video Decoder 1RU

Orivision ZY-DH921 16 channel decoder - H.265 1-16 Channels HDMI/SDI/VGA/CVBS Video Decoder 3RU

Slow Live Streaming(Intranet to Extranet) Application

Cross-sectional Multimedia Information Distribution Application

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