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Medical Teaching Solutions

With the rapid development of the medical industry, online surgery teaching and remote consultation have gradually become a key application requirement for the digital construction of hospitals in recent years. Online surgery teaching is based on IP network and uses computer video communication technology to improve clinical training. The screen images are stored in real time throughout the whole process, and transmitted to the classroom, observation room, etc. in real time.


In the application of surgical teaching, clinical teaching is an important task for many hospitals. Traditional training and learning are usually on-site observation. However, due to the limitations of on-site conditions or surgical equipment, the space for on-site surgical observation is narrow and the participants are limited, which not only affects the quality of surgery. , and the effect is not ideal. So how to prevent aggregation and cross-infection and realize a low-cost, high-efficiency operation teaching in the existing operating room with the original facilities? Through the solution of ORIVISION encoding and decoding IP network transmission, the teaching of each operation can be realized with low delay and high efficiency.

medical teaching

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