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Telemedicine Streaming Solution

Medical experts need to watch local consultation pictures in real time in different locations to realize two-way voice or video communication between experts and local doctors.


ORIVISION solutions: video encoders, webcast addresses, video decoders


Register the live broadcast address on the live broadcast platform, configure the camera to connect to the target live broadcast address, and configure the video encoder to connect to the target live broadcast address. A set of video decoder is configured in the telemedicine expert office to access the network and display the large screen, which can display the remote real-time consultation screen in real time on the local large screen. Experts can provide telemedicine guidance through voice conversations or two-way video calls.


Schematic: Camera - ORIVISION's video encoder - Webcast platform – ORIVISION’s video encoder - local large screen display


In addition, if you need two-way video interaction between the consultant and the expert, you can install a wired encoder and HD decoder on the consultant and expert sides, respectively. The performance of the scheme is characterized by low cost and high definition and smooth live broadcast.

telemedicine streaming

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