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Video Extender

1. About The Video Extender

The video extender is a transmission device that transmits high-definition video signals over a long distance through a single network cable.

It consists of a transmitter and a receiver, and supports one-to-one or one-to-many reception and transmission. In some special occasions, due to the long transmission distance, ordinary switcher products cannot effectively transmit audio signals. The audio video extender can achieve high-quality, long-distance signal transmission.

The video extender supports extending the audio and video of the signal source(computer host, DVD, game console, set-top box, etc.) to the display end, and the user can see and listen to the image and sound from the signal source in real time on the display end, and use the signal source. Maximum video resolution can be up to 4k*2k@60Hz, and the maximum transmission distance up to 150M with UTP CAT5e/6/7 cable.

2. Advantages of Video Extenders

First of all, for some large enterprises, the video extender can extend the signal way, allowing the operation and maintenance staff to manage more devices, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Secondly, the video extender is very easy to use. It is a pure hardware device, with no need to install the driver, plug and play, and the operation is simple.

3. Types of Video Extender

HDMI video extender/HDMI KVM video extender/DVI video extender/DVI KVM video extender/HDMI VGA extender/VGA KVM video extender/KVM ethernet extender

4. Application of Video Extender

It is widely used in audio and video transmission fields such as home theater / computer teaching / data management / video conferencing / security center / traffic hub control center / outdoor large-screen advertising / Internet cafe control system / large government projects.

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