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How to Restore The Encoder-Boot State (Suitable for EH901/ES901/EV901)

In order to restore the encoder-boot state for the EH901/ES901/EV901 models, the following simple steps can be followed. This process involves rebooting the ORIVISION's video encoder hardware and the video tutorial is specifically tailored for the V700 series encoders, including the EH901/ES901/EV901 models.

Orivision EH901 H.265 streaming encoder - H.265 1080P@60 HDMI Video Encoder With LCD

Orivision ES901 SDI IP streaming encoder - H.265 1080P@60 SDI Video Encoder With LCD

Orivision EV901 VGA video encoder - H.265 1080P@60 VGA Video Encoder With Loop Out

First, ensure that all connected devices and equipment are powered off before proceeding with the restoration process. This is essential to prevent any potential conflicts during the reboot.

After confirming that all interconnected systems are powered down, proceed to access the video encoder control interface. Once within the interface, locate the option for system reboot or reset.

Select the system reboot option, and confirm the action to initiate the reboot process. Allow the video encoder to complete the reboot cycle, ensuring that all system lights and indicators return to their normal operational state.

Upon successful completion of the reboot, verify that the encoder has fully restored its boot state. This can be confirmed by checking the system logs or indicators within the video encoder control interface.

Following these straightforward steps will help in efficiently restoring the encoder-boot state for the EH901/ES901/EV901 models, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operation of the video encoder within the V700 series.

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