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How To Set The Video Encoder And Decoder On Vmix Software Via Srt?

Orivision will introduce the SRT video encoder & decoder setting tutorial under VMIX.

 1. The Listener mode of VMIX receives the SRT stream pushed by the video encoder
 1.1 check your IP address of your PC

Srt Encoder

1.2 Keep the network segment of the video encoder and your computer in the same network segment (including gateway and DNS).

Twitch Encoder

1.3 Choose “H.264” in the mainstream set page, because the VIMIX only support h.264 now.

Youtube Encoder

1.4 SRT choose “Caller” mode, input IP address of your computer in SRT server, SRT port and SRT Delay is default.

H 265 Encoder

1.5 Open your VMIX software, Click “Add input” button in the lower left corner (as shown bellow)

H 264 Encoder 

1.6 Choose “SRT (Listener)”mode, as shown bellow:

H 264 Streaming Encoder

1.7 Input the Port, keep it same with your video encoder, then click “OK” button

H.265 Streaming Encoder

1.8 After the SRT is connected properly, the VMIX can play the videos from the video encoder

H264 Video Encoder

2. The “Caller” mode of VMIX push SRT stream to the Video Decoder.  

2.1 Open the VMIX software, and click “ ” the button (As shown bellow), then choose “Output/NDI/SRT Setting”, then pop up a “Settings” Window,

Srt Video Encoder

2.2 Choose “Output/NDI/SRT” on the left menu bar. Click “Output” to select the video source to be transmitted, such as the “Input1” and make sure it has a video singal.
2.3 Click that “” button(as shown bellow), then will pop up a “Output Settings” window (as shown bellow)

Video Encoder Decoder

Video Encoder For Live Streaming

2.4 Set as the pticture
      ♦ Tick that “Enable SRT”
      ♦ Type: choose ”Caller”

      ♦ Hostname: Input the IP address of audio video decoder

      ♦ Port: default

      ♦ Latency: default
      ♦ Passphrase: set your passwords
      ♦ Key Length: default
      ♦ Stream ID: default
      ♦ Quality: choose what you need
      ♦ Tick “Use Hardware Encoder” and “Use Low Power Encoder”
      ♦ Press that “ok” button after all sets

2.5 Check that IP address of video decoder, keep it with your PC in the same network segment (including gateway and DNS).

Encoder Streaming

2.6 Input SRT address in the video decoder, that srt address format: srt://@:port?mode=listener

Encoder For Live Streaming

2.7 click “set up” button, and reboot the decoder
2.8 Check the status page of the decoder, make sure have the videos signals input. If there is no video input.

      Open that VMIX software, click that”” button on the left External, then must keep that SRT has been enabled (As shown bellow)

Hardware Encoder For Live Streaming


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