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Some Practical Solutions when Using the Video Encoder

1. Unable to log in to the encoder

A: Please confirm whether the IP address of the encoder is correct;

Whether the two indicators on the encoder are both on;

Whether the network connection is normal;

When the computer is directly connected to the encoder, the computer must manually set the IP, which cannot be obtained automatically.

2. How to test the encoder?

A: Please download and install the latest VLC player, then log in to the encoder, check the access address under the status display, and copy the access address to VLC—Media—Open network streaming.

3. No image on VLC player

A: Please log in to the encoder and check the status display—hardware status—number of interrupts; the number of interrupts has numbers, and it keeps increasing after refreshing the page, indicating that there is video input. If the number of interrupts is basically the same as the number of lost interrupts, please change the signal source to test.

4. VLC player display screen is blurred, flashing, etc.

A: Please make sure that the version of VLC is the latest.

B: Please log in to the encoder and check the status display—hardware status—number of interrupts; If the number of lost interrupts is greater than 2, and the refresh page value changes, there may be signal incompatibility, please change the signal source to test.

5. What should I do if I forget to log in to the IP?

A: There is an RST on the panel to initialize and reset the HD encoder. When the power is on, press and hold for 10 seconds until the status light on the panel goes out. Release the button, the device will restart automatically, and all parameters will be initialized.

6. The encoder cannot be logged in, and only the power indicator light is on.

A: Please check whether the encoder is correctly connected to the network or computer;

B: Please use the ping command to check whether the encoder can ping through;

C: If you cannot confirm the device IP and cannot log in, please reset the device;

D: If you can ping through but cannot log in, please contact technical support. (

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