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How to Update the Firmware

If you had bought our products and want to check the newest firmware for live video streaming hardware, pls mail to

1. Tell us your product's model

2. When and Where did you buy it?

3. It's better to attach the screenshots of your set or a video show us the problems you met.

After getting your email, our support team will reply to you in 48hours. If you want to get the reply asap you can find our contact page to contact our sales to help you.

If you get the newest firmware. You may need to follow the steps below to upgrade your encoder.

Step 1: Download the .rar file, do not unzip the file.

Step 2: Log in to your Encoder web user interface and click the System button.

Step 3: Upload the .rar file and then click the Upgrade button.

Step 4: Reboot your video encoder hardware to finish installing updates.

Common reasons for failed upgrades.

1. Some unexpected factors, the cause is unknown.

2. The encoder load is high, you can unplug the signal source and then upgrade again.

3. Some special policies of firewalls or browsers (not only chrome, or Edge).

If you are prompted that the upgrade failed after the upgrade. You can try this step:

1. Pls don't reset the encoder directly.

2. You can reboot the encoder from the system page on control web, or unplug the power Cabe and connect the power again, restart the encoder.

3. Check to clear the cache of the browser.

If you have completed the above steps, the encoder still cannot be restored. Pls check the video as below:

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