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How to Streaming to Youtube Live Via RTMP/RTMPS?

Step1: Before making live broadcast, you will need to check the following.

  • Play the stream address in the encoder with the VLC player and confirm that it can play normally.

  • Make sure you have upgraded the newest firmware for RTMPS.

  • Canon camera don't have audio output, you will need to input an external audio.

  • Microphone is not an audio source.

Step2: Login Your Youtube account and find "Go Live".

Login Your Youtube account and find "Go Live"

Creat a New Stream

Creat a New Stream

Find your Stream settings, check it as bellow:

Find your Stream settings, check it as bellow

Stream Key "9qdu-5qvv-3zfq-33hh"

Stream URL: rtmp://

Step3: Log in the control web of the video encoder hardware. Find the "Mainstream encoding settings" Page, Input RTMP/RTMPS set as bellow:

Log in the Control Web of the Video Encoder

For Example:

My YouTube Server URL is "rtmp://"

My YouTube stream Key is "9qdu-5qvv-3zfq-33hh"

RTMP/RTMPS of Encoder could be set as bellow:

RTMP server ip:

RTMP server port: 1935

RTMP app name: live2

RTMP stream name: 9qdu-5qvv-3zfq-33hh

Step4: After set the RTMP, pls press the "SET UP" button on the bottom of the page. Then press "REBOOT" button in the system page.

Q: If you streaming failed on Facebook.

A: Pls check your DNS setting. The value of DNS0 and DNS1 is the DNS of the router.

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